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Hardware, Embedded Systems Hot on the heels of the Russians, we have another clone maker popping up, this time in fish & chips country: Freedom PC. "Powerful and versatile, environmentally friendly yet inexpensive computer systems compatible with any and all of the main operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. So YOU can decide which one to use for what YOU want to do. And we give you a choice of models, too - from the low priced and good looking office machine, the ideal choice for business, to the high powered, sleek, gaming media centre. All, with the operating system of your choice pre-installed - or none at all - at prices accessible to all." They offer various models pre-installed with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
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"How many times have I seen systems getting clunky and slow over time simply because Windows haven't been reinstalled.

Stop using that old win98 cd to installs, and you'd probably stop seeing that.

Windows hasn't really done that in years, unless you spend all your time downloading and installing/uninstalling software. If that's all you do with your computer, Linux or OS X would also suffer.

Windows still does that, but to a lesser extent than it used to in the 9x days...
It also gets slower as you install service packs, compare a non service packed xp box to a fully up to date one (but don't put it online).

Linux doesn't suffer from this for a number of reasons...

Configs are stored as individual text files, not a single database, so they are just ignored when not used and don't have to be loaded/parsed (tho they do occupy some space)...
If you use the package manager, then apps can be removed cleanly, uninstall scripts for windows vary massively in how thorough they are..
Normal users cannot write outside their homedir, so you get far less instances of files cropping up in unexpected places...

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