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Hardware, Embedded Systems Hot on the heels of the Russians, we have another clone maker popping up, this time in fish & chips country: Freedom PC. "Powerful and versatile, environmentally friendly yet inexpensive computer systems compatible with any and all of the main operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. So YOU can decide which one to use for what YOU want to do. And we give you a choice of models, too - from the low priced and good looking office machine, the ideal choice for business, to the high powered, sleek, gaming media centre. All, with the operating system of your choice pre-installed - or none at all - at prices accessible to all." They offer various models pre-installed with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
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"I dont see how "crap" accumulates in a system that removes all but text config files when uninstalling applications.

explain that to the 3 or 4 xfce apps that were still installed on my system, even though I uninstalled xfce a few months ago.
This was historically a problem with most Linux package managers - in installing XFCE, you hauled in a load of dependencies that wouldn't automatically be removed when you removed XFCE in case they'd subsequently become important for other software (possibly hand-installed) on your system. Newer versions of Ubuntu and, presumably, Debian advise you to run apt-get autoremove if you want to recover the space, but that message is only visible to command line users.

Ubuntu 9.04 takes this further by giving you a GUI Janitor program that looks for redundant software and makes recommendations for removal. That seems to me to offer the best of both worlds - intuitive, easy and relatively risk free.

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