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GNU, GPL, Open Source Keith Curtis worked at Microsoft for 11 years, coding on Windows, Office, and at Microsoft's research department, before leaving the Redmond giant. Call it a revelation, call it giving in to the devil's temptations, but he's now a complete open source and Linux advocate, and in his new book, "After the Software Wars", he explains why open source will prevail against Microsoft's proprietary model.
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It sounds strange to me
by GraphiteCube on Fri 22nd May 2009 14:33 UTC
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Why proprietary is bad? Why should everyone share the codes to the world?

Microsoft writes his own product and customers pay for the products, and why should Microsoft open-source the products? Isn't it a decision should be made by the company? Not just Microsoft, I think whether open-source the software or not and which license to use, is solely the freedom of the programmer/ designer. Freedom should not just be applied to end-users, but programmers, who put effort on making the software, too.

I do use Debian GNU/Linux as my Linux server, and sometimes as my desktop. Sure Linux has its advantages: free, stable (most of the time, with some exceptions). But when I experience troubles, as a home user, I can only ask for help on forums (and I may not even get a reply in months). If I bought commercial products, I can dial the service hotline/ send e-mail to the company and call for help. As a result, I don't see paying for products is bad, and I don't see making everything free is good.

Sometimes I just feel the world is beginning to force everyone (programmers) deliver products for free.

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