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Databases Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister questions the effect recent developments in the MySQL community will have on MySQL's future in the wake of Oracle's acquisition of Sun. Even before Oracle announced its buyout, there were signs of strain within the MySQL community, with key MySQL employees exiting and forks of the MySQL codebase arising, including Widenius' MariaDB.
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RE: not an expert - default
by jabbotts on Fri 22nd May 2009 15:08 UTC in reply to "not an expert"
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When I had to setup my first app with database back end it came down to Postgresql and mysql. LAMP said mysql as did the distribution defaults. Numerous other since have defaulted to mysql so I stick with it. The user account, host, database security combination is also nicely done though I don't know postgresql's to compare.

Actually, it's only with Deb Lenny and eGroupware that I've seen postgresql as the default dependency.

At work, it's a lagacy issue due to inheriting a number of webapps already built on mysql.

I'm happy to change the database if the developers are happy to port the webapps but my position is to support the metal up to the web layer to enable the developer's work rather than complicate it.

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