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Databases Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister questions the effect recent developments in the MySQL community will have on MySQL's future in the wake of Oracle's acquisition of Sun. Even before Oracle announced its buyout, there were signs of strain within the MySQL community, with key MySQL employees exiting and forks of the MySQL codebase arising, including Widenius' MariaDB.
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sensative to marketing in web browsers.. heck, sensative to marketing in general computing. The better technology rarely wins over the better marketing given the popularity of Windows and the even more wide open to exploit osX (sorry fans, pwn2own's winner explained why osX falls first every time; here's hoping for the next major version).

Outside of computers, it's not much different. Beta VS VHS, HDD VS Blueray. Reality TV which continues to persist. Everybody Love's Raymond; who is this "everybody" that loved the show long enough to keep repeat going for so long?

Cow'ing the public with good marketing is, sadly, not unique to IT though it does seem a main tenant of the IT industry.

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