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Hardware, Embedded Systems Few hardware vendors have not yet launched their own mini laptop (or, "netbook"). Most brands these days produce their own version of the same hardware, with Intel's i386-compatible Atom cpu's and Windows XP installed on a spinning hard drive or sometimes still a solid state disk. Some Linux models are still sold by some vendors, among whom Asus, which more or less started selling in this OLPC-inspired genre of laptops.
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RE[4]: don't hold much hope
by twitterfire on Fri 22nd May 2009 16:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: don't hold much hope"
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American capitalism it's a sick capitalism. It's just about big banks gaining monopoly and big corporations taking everything. It's all about consumption, consumption being backed by the credits offered by the big banks.

The big banks who lead FED weren't hit by the financial crisis. They are smuggling profits from the actual crisis. It does not worth to mention that all that big banks and corporations are property of some jews.

Just watch the movies Zeitgeist 1 and 2.

The biggest problem of american currency is - what you said - it's not covered by anything. If and when the OPEC countries will decide to sell the oil in euro instead of usd, the us currency and economy will fall.

If and when the Central Bank of China will decide to change it's economies from usd to euro, the us currency and economy will fall.

The us economy it's just an huge golem with rotten feet.

As for the technology in China, they are far beyond EU and US. They have launched their first manned space mission just about 2-3 years ago. Russia has done the same about 40 years ago.

About the MIPS: I think that MIPS (and power pc) it's a better technology than x86. But x86 has far more computing power than any other chip.

Please, excuse me for my bad english.

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