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FreeBSD For all of you using FreeBSD and ZFS, Kip Macy (kmacy) and Pawel Jakub Dawidek (pjd) merged ZFS Version 13 into FreeBSD 7-STABLE. Here is a breakdown of some of the new features: kmem now goes up to 512GB so arc is now limited by physmem, the arc now experiences backpressure from the vm (which can be too much - but this allows ZFS to work without any tunables on amd64), L2ARC Level 2 cache for ZFS which allows you to use additional disks for cache, and more.
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ZFS rules
by eydaimon on Fri 22nd May 2009 18:40 UTC
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Thanks for getting this stuff up to date. The features for ZFS I'm mostly waiting for involve the ZFSBoot!

I can't wait to get everything ZFS so my disk management gets really easy. Swapping out harddrives just becomes such a breeze.

Thanks for all the effort going into this.

btw, I think it sucks that out of 15 comments on this news, only 2 seemed relevant to the original post.

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