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GNU, GPL, Open Source Keith Curtis worked at Microsoft for 11 years, coding on Windows, Office, and at Microsoft's research department, before leaving the Redmond giant. Call it a revelation, call it giving in to the devil's temptations, but he's now a complete open source and Linux advocate, and in his new book, "After the Software Wars", he explains why open source will prevail against Microsoft's proprietary model.
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RE[18]: He is crazy
by h3rman on Sun 24th May 2009 13:28 UTC in reply to "RE[17]: He is crazy"
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Well to be sure, Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction at one point, he was sold those by the very USA that later bombed him for crossing the line of oil pricing and running his own business.

What you don't see on Fux News is that Saddam was "Washington's poster boy", to use Michael Parenti's phrase, and that him being a murderous sadist dictator was perfectly fine to the US as long as he did what pleased Washington. But then he started to cash euros for Iraqi oil in stead of dollars, among other things, and he didn't sell out the country, so that was when they made the decision he had to go.

The US empire is a purely cynical propaganda enterprise and that's one of those tiny little details that Fux News (and all the other mainstream outlets) cleverly omits. That has to do with the fact that it's not even the American people that benefit from the empire. is one of the best websites to inject some antidote to the propaganda.
I hope I did not make any spelling mistakes, please inform me if I did.

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