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Legal Mid-April, the four founders of The Pirate Bay were found guilty of being accessories to breaching copyright law; they aided in breaching copyright of 33 files. As a result, they were sentenced to one year in jail and a 2.75 million EUR fine. However, it was quickly revealed that the judge in the case was heavily biased, and ever since then there's been a search for a judge who is actually not involved with any pro-copyright groups or with the lawyers working for the entertainment industry in this case. Turns out that's actually kind of hard.
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RE[5]: Simply amazing
by dagw on Mon 25th May 2009 07:49 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Simply amazing"
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We would call that "Job training" in most fields

No there is far more to it than that. Most people I know in professional fields are members of organizations connected to that field. They attend workshops and confrences where they present research and are involved in various research centers and similar initiatives. they sit on standard committees, edit and publish journals, books and whitepapers and countless other activites where professionals from across the field get togethere and work to advance their field. Non of these activities are really "job training" and all are very important.

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