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Podcasts No expense was spared (and no effort was spent) in celebrating our podcast surviving into double digits! It's an even game of four quarters as we discuss Vmedia drives, Palm Pre, Java on OS X and the eternal struggle between Microsoft and open source.
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Free Open Source Software achievements
by timon37 on Mon 25th May 2009 17:10 UTC
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Seriously foss pushing microsoft forward is not really a serious or especially valuable achievement;p Thanks to gnu/linux i was able to write a small kernel with 2 drivers for radeons, and 1 for intels G965, and a lot more, and learned from all this more than i ever could without gnu/linux. If you ask me that possibility to gain knowledge/skills for anybody at no cost is worth infinitely more than anything else;) And even though most just want an OS that works etc they should value the freedom foss gives even if it doesn't touch them directly.

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