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OSNews, Generic OSes Over the years, we've occasionally run an "Ask OSNews" feature, wherein a reader asks us a question and we answer it publicly. Lately I've really been enjoying Slate's Dear Prudence advice column and the ever-interesting Straight Dope, and I thought we should see if we can get more OSNews readers to submit questions, and turn Ask OSNews into a more-regular thing. If your question falls outside of our domain expertise, we'll try to track down an expert to help out. And of course, our responses will always be supplemented by further advice from OSNews readers in the comments. Questions are welcome on any topic ranging from OSes and computing to science and geek culture. Contact us with your questions. (Please include "Ask OSNews" in the subject). Today's question is from a young student in Hungary who's seduced by the faraway siren song of Apple's marketing and wonders, "should I switch?"
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Switching not just for the young
by DarlaJ on Mon 25th May 2009 23:08 UTC
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I would tell anyone who can possibly get the money together that there will be a big payoff in going with a Mac, much more for those who are not technically proficient. I think Windows is for people who enjoy a challenge.

I started with CP/M 29 years ago, then MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, 95 and 98. I use XP from time to time.

I switched to Mac years ago. I was middle-aged and not a geek. I was instantly happy as a clam (Clamshell iBook, actually). This was before OS X.

A Mac isn't hard to learn because it is enjoyable.There's always a new delight in finding a feature that is so much simpler and less infuriating than Windows. Yes, even after a decade, I find myself doing things the Windows (more difficult) way. But there is no more fighting with the computer. No maintenance on the OS, inscrutable error messages, no locking up crashing. Simply put, the reduced pain and frustration is worth every penny. A Mac is worth the price because people are willing to pay. If another company offered such ease of use, fun and great support at a lower price, I might go with them. Purchase price is not the whole story.

I do use XP when necessary. It's pretty awful. Maybe Windows 7 will be comparable or even better than OS X. But remember, that's what they said about Vista.

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