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Privacy, Security, Encryption The Safari 4 beta is having a little bit of trouble cleaning up after itself, as has been revealed by C. Harwic on his blog. Safari 4 is still in beta, so it's easy to forgive the browser for this rather sloppy housekeeping, which left gigabytes (!) of browsing data in weird places all over your filesystem, even after cleaning the caches or history. Still, this does raise a few questions.
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by nywles on Tue 26th May 2009 08:25 UTC
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What a load of FUD. When you go to the 'Reset Safari...' option and select 'Reset Top Sites' and 'Remove all webpage preview images', Safari cleans up perfectly. It takes a few minutes so be patient. Besides, both the "-Caches-" directory and the "Webpage Preview" directory are only accessible by the user that's running Safari, not more nor less safe than when it was in your home directory.
Perhaps you should double check emotional articles like this. ("But even this isn't the worst of it. The most outrageous thing I found...", Seriously? "I really like Safari, but I’m going to have to seriously consider using Firefox now (ack)." Ahh, the typical outraged user threat, this should've set off the alarms that this article might not be entirely objective.) Here's a fun one: "I can’t think of a good reason they couldn’t have at least put it in the user library with everything else: hiding it there is nothing short of deceptive." Try this: Performance reasons. When your profile is stored on a server you don't really want Safari to pull all this stuff over the network all the time. Stop implying malicious intent by using words like 'depective' when you admit that you don't know.

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