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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks are really becoming a part of the market where all sorts of companies are trying out new things. For instance, earlier this week, we had a review of a MIPS-based Loongson-2 netbook from China, last Monday we reported on Acer implementing a Vmedia drive into a netbook, a while back we had a multitouch LCD touchpad netbook, and we've had more. Now we have one that uses an x86 SoC that doesn't come from AMD/Intel/VIA, and can run on... AA batteries.
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Comment by Arawn
by Arawn on Tue 26th May 2009 09:08 UTC
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'With its 8.9-inch, 1024 x 600 keyboard, ...'

Guess we will finally have a 'Any' key... ;)

Now seriously, the AA rechargeable batteries are a blessing in a sense of cost and availability. We have to see how behaves in real tests, though. The only hassle I see is that if you want to have a 'spare battery', you'll have to carry around 8 small ones. There are plastic containers to place them, though.

The replacement CPU/RAM board is a nice idea, also. It will depend on the cost of spare boards, if available.

The only problem that I see with this netbook is that the keyboard is too small. It seems to be exactly the same small keyboard the EeePC 70x, 900 and 900A have, meaning it's a pain to use. Specially if you have large fingertips, like I do. A slightly larger case with a larger keyboard would have been nice, and I guess it wouldn't add more than $5 - $10 to the final price.

Now, said that, I wouldn't mind buying one of these.

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