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Privacy, Security, Encryption The Safari 4 beta is having a little bit of trouble cleaning up after itself, as has been revealed by C. Harwic on his blog. Safari 4 is still in beta, so it's easy to forgive the browser for this rather sloppy housekeeping, which left gigabytes (!) of browsing data in weird places all over your filesystem, even after cleaning the caches or history. Still, this does raise a few questions.
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by puenktchen on Tue 26th May 2009 09:14 UTC in reply to "FUD"
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Besides, both the "-Caches-" directory and the "Webpage Preview" directory are only accessible by the user that's running Safari, not more nor less safe than when it was in your home directory.

but my home directory is encrypted with filevault and this directory definitely isn't. in my book this is a serious breach of privacy. and it seems as if other applications also use a place outside the home directory for temporary user data:

yes, that's november 2007, so this problem has existed since leopards creation.

btw: du -ch {~/Library/Caches/,`getconf DARWIN_USER_CACHE_DIR`}
will show you the caches used by safari and their size. 1.9 gb on my macbook right now.
activity monitor -> safari -> inspect -> open files and ports should also do the trick.

ps: "clean caches only cleans the small cache remaining in the user directory. resetting safari also cleans most of the other caches, but leaves 200 mb ot of 1,8 gb on my computer.

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