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Privacy, Security, Encryption The Safari 4 beta is having a little bit of trouble cleaning up after itself, as has been revealed by C. Harwic on his blog. Safari 4 is still in beta, so it's easy to forgive the browser for this rather sloppy housekeeping, which left gigabytes (!) of browsing data in weird places all over your filesystem, even after cleaning the caches or history. Still, this does raise a few questions.
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RE[2]: It isn't about pr0n...
by merkoth on Tue 26th May 2009 10:30 UTC in reply to "RE: It isn't about pr0n..."
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"It's basic software behaviour: To follow the user's orders. If I say "delete everything" the software must do as I say.

At which point it does what you say, and wipes the disk. ;)

If it carries the Apple brand, probably not ;)

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