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Windows The geek world might be all over Windows 7, and the rest of the world might be sticking to Windows XP for now, but there is also this Windows Vista operating system lingering around. Microsoft has just released the final version of the second service pack for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
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The geek world might be all over Windows 7

Not the whole geek world as I consider myself a part of it. I downloaded and installed Win7 and overall it seemed quite good. It was reasonably snappy, it installed without a hitch keeping my WinXP installation intact and so on. So, at first I was rather positively impressed.

Then came the downhill; even after setting the resolution to 1280x1024 the whole thing seemed to waste huge amounts of screen real-estate. And neither of my soundcards are supported, and probably never will be either. SB Live! and SoundMax AD1888 don't have digitally signed drivers available and there is no way to force Win7 to accept non-signed ones, and I am not going to buy new soundcards just because an OS refuses to accept what I have.

So yeah, Win7 fails for me. But if all of your hardware does have such digitally signed drivers available then Win7 could be a good way to go.

Yeah .. SB Live! drivers are kinda hard to come by .. I ditched using a separate sound card close to 5 years ago and started using the onboard. Imho, onboard sound is just as good as the separate cards, but I'm not an audiophile either.

The soundmax one though is a different story .. it's onboard right? so you should be able to at least find vista drivers that will install on windows 7 ... I tried that when I first installed the beta and used the disk that came with my mobo with vista drivers and 7 used those just fine.

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