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OSNews, Generic OSes In our latest "Ask OSNews" installment, a reader asks: "Do you think Apple will ever have a standalone Windows version of their email app so that us Window users can download and use it? My family and I currently use Incredimail and occasionally Thunderbird."
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I use at home and Thunderbird at work and the one difference that really bothers me is the way threading works in each. In, if you have everything sorted by date, when a new email arrives to an existing thread the entire thread gets moved to the top. In Thunderbird, new emails to old threads get "buried", never to be found again... ;) (meaning: I had to disable threading in Thunderbird since revisiting every old thread to see if there are new messages is ridiculous)

Another thing I wish they improved is Thunderbird's version of's "Smart Folders". I used Thunderbird for almost a year before discovering that they actually existed! They just happen to very "cleverly" hidden in a submenu, but are not available at all in the most obvious place: the contextual menu in the folders panel. I really hope they make them more obvious eventually, since it's a very useful feature that gets used a lot in

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