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Novell and Ximian "We chat to Gnome and coder Michael Meeks about all things Linux. Here's a few of the questions we asked the Novell employee."
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Full Interview is More Revealing (or not)
by segedunum on Mon 26th Sep 2005 18:16 UTC
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I read the full interview of this off a magazine shelf, and my opinion of Michael Meeks has not improved one iota.

He knows there's a problem with Open Office start speed, but basically says they cannot do anything about it and then talks about the kernel guys trying to make disk I/O and application pre-emption better. Well, my KOffice starts fast, as does Microsoft Office. What's the problem? Not being the greatest genius in the world, I'd say that the Open Office codebase wasn't up to snuff.

He then talks about all sorts of really pie-in-the-sky, LSD inducing stuff regarding the kernel like anticipating what an application will need - ahead of time?! Yes, telepathy. Bloody hell Michael. I'd appreciate it if Open Office was cleaned up so it started as fast as KOffice and MS Office and if Bonobo actually damn well worked anytime soon. If there's a problem with the Open Office codebase, then just say so. Michael suffers from the same problem a lot of programmers do. He has a problem that is staring him in the face, but comes up with all sorts novel solutions which aren't practical rather than solving the root problem and adding all the novel stuff later. I guess that's why he can't understand KDE for the life of him :-).

In the other part of the interview not shown here but in the magazine he just bitches on KDE every few seconds. He doesn't like KParts (but it's about a hundred times better for a programmer than Bonobo). And then there's the inevitable license stuff. He goes on to talk about how Deutshe Post have this cool extension for Open Office to link to a central server, and then talks about how they would have to pay a license to Trolltech for it. Err, excuse me Michael, but if this is an Open Office/Star Basic thing, and they're not writing this in Qt at all, then they're not going to pay Trolltech anything. The fact that they're running KDE and have a KDE integrated front-end for Open Office is totally irrelevant.

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