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Mac OS X Getting Mac OS X up and running on a computer without an Apple label has always been a bit of a hassle. You needed customised Mac OS X disks, updates would ruin all your hard work, and there was lots of fiddling with EFI and the likes. Ever since the release of boot-132, this is no longer the case. Read on for how setting up a "Hack"intosh really is as easy as 1, 3, 2.
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by 3rdalbum on Wed 27th May 2009 05:33 UTC
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My concern is, how did that rig perform?

I've used OS X on a Macbook Air; it has an ultra-low-power mobile Core 2 Duo. The performance of the operating system was kinda pathetic on this machine.

How would a dual-core Atom with 533MHz RAM perform? Ubuntu isn't too snappy on the single-core Atom with HT; I'm using a Foxconn 45GS motherboard. I imagine OS X would be quite annoying to use on your hackintosh.

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