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Mac OS X Getting Mac OS X up and running on a computer without an Apple label has always been a bit of a hassle. You needed customised Mac OS X disks, updates would ruin all your hard work, and there was lots of fiddling with EFI and the likes. Ever since the release of boot-132, this is no longer the case. Read on for how setting up a "Hack"intosh really is as easy as 1, 3, 2.
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Both DMCA and copyright allow you certain privileges in respect of acts which are either to enable competition or to enable interworking.

DMCA explicitly allows you to hack in order to bypass restrictions which limit competition. Garage door openers, mobiles and so on. Copyright in the US allows you to crack and alter in order to make interworking possible, and it also allows you to publish the methods.

If we consider that efi is an international standard, there is no way that placing your machine in a state to install OSX via it is unlawful.

Thom has of course violated the EULA clause which forbids installing on non-Macs. Whether this clause is enforceable? Because that's all that seems to be actionable in his method? Almost certainly not in the EU. Probably not in the US.

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