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FreeBSD FreeBSD's jails technology received an interesting new feature. "Add hierarchical jails. A jail may further virtualize its environment by creating a child jail, which is visible to that jail and to any parent jails. Child jails may be restricted more than their parents, but never less. Jail names reflect this hierarchy, being MIB-style dot-separated strings."
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RE: Why not in Front Page?
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 27th May 2009 16:24 UTC in reply to "Why not in Front Page?"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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Not to feed trolls, but to explain from a readers perspective:

OSNews is nuts to soup Operating Systems. Sure there are other soup venders that sell similar soups, but the nuts help us to critique the soup with far more skill than your average soup jockey. And any other site that focused only on nuts would miss the perspective of soup eaters.

But I would be in favor of a subtle reorganization that would allow you to only see nut stories, if that's what you want.

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