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OSNews, Generic OSes The Genode project has released the version 9.05 of their operating-system framework. The highlights as detailed in the release notes are the support of the OKL4 kernel as base platform, the introduction of basic USB support, the integration of Qt4 into the main-line source tree, and 64-bit support.
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Looks nice
by kajaman on Wed 27th May 2009 17:11 UTC
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Now this is kind of impressing what these guys are doing. Not quite sure yet "why" they are doing it ;) . As I understand having a choice between kernels and solid API on top of it would allow developers to:

1. write applications that will run ok on all these kernels
2. choose kernel that suits best for given hardware platform/task
3. provide nice abstraction layer for hardware etc.

Wasn't POSIX all about that? ;)

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