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OSNews, Generic OSes The Genode project has released the version 9.05 of their operating-system framework. The highlights as detailed in the release notes are the support of the OKL4 kernel as base platform, the introduction of basic USB support, the integration of Qt4 into the main-line source tree, and 64-bit support.
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RE: Like Hurd but with momentum?
by nfeske on Wed 27th May 2009 17:22 UTC in reply to "Like Hurd but with momentum? "
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When viewed from 10,000 feet, both projects share the same goal of building a microkernel-based multi-server operating system. But the intentions and approaches are very different. Hurd started with the goal of becoming a more flexible and secure Unix. Therefore, POSIX compatibility was regarded as prime objective. However, as explained by Neal Walfield and Marcus Brinkmann in their insightful paper "A Critique of the GNU Hurd Multi-server Operating System"

this undertaking turned out to be extremely complicated, in particular because of legacies inherited from POSIX. In contrast, Genode disregarded POSIX compatibility for building the foundation of the system and instead went for an API that is as minimalistic as possible but still allows to build complex sub systems on top. This turned out to be the key for the extremely low source-code complexity of its base system.

Even though Genode does not regard POSIX as a first class citizen, POSIX compatibility remains an essential feature to allow the reuse of existing applications until native Genode applications become available. For this reason, a POSIX execution environment and/or virtualization solution became part of the road map. But POSIX will be provided on top of the OS rather than being the foundation of the OS.

Genode is somehow related to TUD:OS. Back in 2006, the main Genode developers had been responsible for the TUD:OS demo CD available at However, Genode was built completely from scratch, taking the experiences made with TUD:OS into account. Today there is (unfortunately) no connection between both projects.

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