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Oracle and SUN Jonathan Schwartz keeps singing Sun's favourite tune - that Web services, not desktop apps, are the future. "The majority of the applications that will drive the next wave of innovation will be services, not applications that run on the desktop. The real innovation is occurring in the network and the network services," Schwartz said.
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RE: PC must be like fashion...
by jaboua on Mon 26th Sep 2005 19:10 UTC in reply to "PC must be like fashion..."
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"The question is why would you give someone else authority to manage YOUR files?"

Agree, I want my files on my own. And I like system administration, I don't want Sun or Google or especiallt Microsoft to take care of it!

And while were talking, isn't it dangerous if one comany owns all the data stored in the whole world? I mean, they will basicly be able to control every goverment with computers --> a new era of dictators, this time really controlling the world :O

And I don't want Sun or Google to know when I watch pr0n...

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