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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu There has been a lot of talk about Android maybe making its way to various netbooks. However, thanks to the boys and girls at Canonical, Android might be taking a completely different direction when it comes to these little laptops: they're building an execution environment which will allow Android applications to run on normal Linux distributions.
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RE: Fundamentals
by Kokopelli on Thu 28th May 2009 03:13 UTC in reply to "Fundamentals"
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Funny, I feel the opposite. Getting Android apps to be able to run on a standard Linux platform is a very worthwhile project to me. Perhaps I have a bias since I develop for Android on the side. None the less it gives a new dimension on available apps in Linux while expanding the audience to Android apps. It is true that the apps would not target a larger computer under conventional circumstances but could be useful none the less.

- I would sort of like to be able to use shop savy with my netbook and barcode scanner.
- I have a cataloging system that uses android for entry and searches that would go well on a netbook.
- The weather channel app is better than any weather widget I know of on Linux.
- if they can get a NMEA GPS to be available to Android apps then finally I would have a good reason to use GPS on my linux laptop.

I could go on but you get the idea. And going the other direction getting this would give android a whole new set of potential developers. And this is a good thing for the Android ecosystem.

Personally I think android apps would be great as Plasma widgets in KDE4. As of this moment I have not seen much written that I find useful using Plasma, this would be cool and useful at the same time though.

There will always be a CUPS issue. If not CUPS then driver support, or file systems, or boot time, or audio, or multi-monitor support, or memory management, or or or.... It never ends. There will always be things that can be improved, it does not mean that new avenues should not be explored.

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