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Multimedia, AV "EarCandy is a PulseAudio volume manager that automatically changes your sound depending on the current application using it. For instance if you listen to music and a Skype call comes in, the music will fade out (based on your settings) until it's turned off, and the skype sound will be the only one running. Or if you listen to music and then play a YouTube video, the music will be again turned off and you will only hear the sound of the YouTube video. The application doesn't have a fancy interface, it only does what it's supposed to, and does it well."
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i read that somewhere
by Moya on Thu 28th May 2009 12:02 UTC
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i don't remember where o when i read that this will one of the capabilities of pulseaudio but in that time i think that will something in pulseaudio itself not in a 3rd party app

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