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Linux There are several ways to run Windows programs on Linux (virtualisation, WINE) and vice versa really isn't a problem either with Cygwin, or better yet, native ports thanks to the Windows variants of Gtk+ and Qt. Still, what if Windows support was built straight into the Linux kernel? Is something like that even possible? Sure it is, and the Chinese figured it'd be an interesting challenge, and called it the Linux Unified Kernel.
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Driver support???? YEAH!!!
by kurgan2001 on Thu 28th May 2009 13:32 UTC
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If windows drivers were able to load alongside linux drivers for devices that don't have a linux driver associated with it, a lot of headaches would go away (at least for me)

You can have printers and add-ons that weren't supported now automagically supported along with the software that runs great on windows now running on a linux distro.

I greatly welcome that addition because a whole new world opens up now.

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