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Linux There are several ways to run Windows programs on Linux (virtualisation, WINE) and vice versa really isn't a problem either with Cygwin, or better yet, native ports thanks to the Windows variants of Gtk+ and Qt. Still, what if Windows support was built straight into the Linux kernel? Is something like that even possible? Sure it is, and the Chinese figured it'd be an interesting challenge, and called it the Linux Unified Kernel.
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RE: FrankensteinOS
by boldingd on Thu 28th May 2009 17:11 UTC in reply to "FrankensteinOS"
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I don't see the point.

Linux is (will be) usable for most users (within the next few years).

ReactOS will be usable in a few years more.

So make your choice, but don't build an unsupportable monster OS.

What's next? Add OSX?

I agree completely: while it's a nifty research project, it sounds like it'd be an unwieldy, unmaintainable, impractical monster. Between WINE, ReactOS, and the maturity of virtualization technologies, I'm not convinced there's a practical call for it.
Hell, you could just dual-boot, or virtualize Linux from Windows, if high-performance and compatability (for your Windows apps) are really issues. I'm running Vista on my main/gaming rig, but I have VirtualBox and Sidux Linux installed, for when security and productivity are important: linux virtualizes quite well - especially flavors that are designed to be light-weight. I'm doing the reverse at work, virtualizing XP on a RedHat box, and that's also working out fine.
If you really, really want to have access to the Win32 API from inside a linux environment, I'd bet that WINE is still a better bet -- especially if we could coax desktop environment providers into integrating WINE support to make the use of Windows apps more transparent.

As a final note, I'm also not convinced that they'll be able to pull off loading Windows drivers - and, even if they can, I doubt they'll be able to get them to expose functionality to the "linux half" of this new monster kernal.

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