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OSNews, Generic OSes Ask OSNews is apparently quite popular among you guys; the questions just keep on coming in. Since David took on the first two, we decided to let me handle this one - it's an area I've personally covered before on OSNews: file system layouts. One of our readers, a Linux veteran, studied the GoboLinux effort to introduce a new filesystem layout, and wondered: "Why not adopt the more sensible file system from GoboLinux as the new LSB standard?"
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RE[5]: With more casual users...
by boldingd on Thu 28th May 2009 21:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: With more casual users..."
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I've only been a programmer for ~6 months: what I am about to say may be idiotic. But:
It is exactly as a programmer that the FHS annoys me. When I do the "configure, make, make install" (dance to install a dependancy, say), I have no idea where on my system the libraries I'm building are going to end up (yes, I know that I can usually specify that with configure, but, sometimes some things expect those libraries to be in their default locations: if I change that with configure, I may break some other library that has the library I'm building as a dependancy). When I'm writing a make file, it can be really, really annoying to figure out what my library include paths should be. If it was clearly specified and consistently enforced where libraries should go and where headers should go, my life would be a lot easier.

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