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KDE While most people focus on Microsoft Office and as being each other's competitors, there's a third player in this market: KOffice. While KOffice is obviously geared towards use on KDE, it's available for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNOME-based distributions as well, making it much more platform-independent than Microsoft's Office suite. Version 2.0.0 was released today, and comes with a whole boatload of improvements.
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RE[6]: good news
by kaiwai on Fri 29th May 2009 06:32 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: good news"
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What? Ridiculous?

iPhone, iTunes, iMac.... ;)

True, its funny given that the i used to stand for 'internet' as in, 'if you purchase this product you can get into the internet really fast' - that was back when (and still occuring today) where people think they must get on the internet, they don't know why, but apparently it is the 'next big thing' and they must be part of that 'big thing'.

With that being said, atleast it actually mentions what the purpose of the product is in the name, "iPhone", it's a phone, "iTunes" obviously something about music and playing it, "iMac" which used to be "Internet enabled Mac". Compare that to KOffice where there isn't any hint as to the purpose of the application in the name.

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