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OSNews, Generic OSes Ask OSNews is apparently quite popular among you guys; the questions just keep on coming in. Since David took on the first two, we decided to let me handle this one - it's an area I've personally covered before on OSNews: file system layouts. One of our readers, a Linux veteran, studied the GoboLinux effort to introduce a new filesystem layout, and wondered: "Why not adopt the more sensible file system from GoboLinux as the new LSB standard?"
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RE[4]: Why not a middle ground?
by shevegen on Fri 29th May 2009 11:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why not a middle ground?"
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The FHS is not the only example of Linux becoming an idiot box. Nor can windows be used as that. Windows has so many problems. But Linux has as well.

The idiox box is actually superimposed by decision makers, like those that do create Udev/Hal/Policykit crap.

I wouldn't complain IF their solutions would be dead solid and helpful for the user.

But they f--k him up, and ignore complaints. They are like a global Ulrich Drepper movement against users. And let's not forget that distributions first try to fix problems for themselves. Many dont even report upstream at all. Now what actually is the real idiot box here? The end user, or distributions who are selfish?

I will gauge what both distributions AND developers do, and comment on it. You have to appreciate good work certainly. But why should you not bitch at bad work or silly standards? Why is it that people are not that happy at glibc for example and that the company that puts most effort into glibc obviously doesn't care about complaints?

Linux has become an idiot box - it caters to newcomers, it gives them ready-made solutions, it is steered by COMPANIES - or in certain situations by some developers - but if you as end user try to deviate from the official path, you are not only on your own, people will try to convince you that your path is bad and thus wrong. Projects like LFS are a lot more important. But LFS does not go far enough.

Too many advanced Linux users are fanatical people who try to make everyone follow their way. And if you point out that their way has problems, most of them get mad.

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