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OSNews, Generic OSes Ask OSNews is apparently quite popular among you guys; the questions just keep on coming in. Since David took on the first two, we decided to let me handle this one - it's an area I've personally covered before on OSNews: file system layouts. One of our readers, a Linux veteran, studied the GoboLinux effort to introduce a new filesystem layout, and wondered: "Why not adopt the more sensible file system from GoboLinux as the new LSB standard?"
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by asmoore82 on Sat 30th May 2009 04:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by kaiwai"
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The file structure of Linux goes to the very heart as to the direction of Linux; is it an attempt to be yet another "me too" UNIX clone or is it actually going to stand on its own two feet, throw off the shackles of the past and embrace some new ideas?

shackles? more of this language of constraint...
Where is the limitation? What is it that Unix systems can't do
because of FHS? - that would be a "shackle"

Are you living under a rock?
Linux is not a "me too" Unix clone -
Server dominance plus constantly gaining ground on the Deskop -
The French National Police and the Governments of Cuba,
Brazil, Russia, China, Vietnam and Korea are not just
"sticking with Windows" on the desktop and are not
switching to Mac. Duh - they're switching to GNU/Linux!

CP/M style Drive Letters are almost as old as Unix.
"Will Windows 7 finally throw off the shackles of the Drive Letters?"
ROFLMAO - Give Me a Break.

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