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Mono Project If there is one technology in the Linux world that ruffles feathers whenever it's mentioned, it's Mono, the open source .Net clone. Since .Net comes out of Microsoft, and has some patents encircling it, it is said to be a legal nightmare. Supposedly, you can obtain a "royalty-free, reasonable and non-discriminatory" license from Microsoft regarding the patents surrounding Mono. iTWire decided to look at just how easy (or hard) it is to get such a license. Turns out it's kind of hard.
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RE[2]: Missing the point on license
by pooo on Sat 30th May 2009 05:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Missing the point on license"
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This is what I get tired of every time has an article on Mono. This "Miguel is a paid Microsoft shill" garbage gets me so infuriated. Microsoft made this technology open, and over time released software and source that is open as well, and still people give them crap for it. The .net Framework is nice technology and that was the reason the Mono project started in the first place. Remember Java wasn't even open back when it started. So you don't like Microsoft, we get it. But calling the technology and the hard work that has gone into mono "crap" is just stupid.

No one said Mono or C# were crap. No one. No one said Miguel was stupid for liking the technology. If Mono were just Miguel's pet project because he thought it was fun or cool I'd definitely applaud and encourage him.

What people are concerned about is that Miguel is saying that it is *safe* and trying to push it into the Linux desktop when it is not clear at all that it is safe. *That* is what makes Miguel a Microsoft shill.

And, no one is comparing Java to C#. However if they were Java even in the past would still have been way safer than MS because sun in fact did clearly state that competing implementations were never going require a license of any kind. Very different from C#.

And you seem to conflate these issues very easily and quickly. Be careful. There is a difference between good software in a technical sense and a legal sense. Mono and C# are great technology. I'll say it, no problem. They are also under a dark legal cloud and owned by a company that has a long history of utterly destroying its competition in very mean ways (remember how they were *convicted* of illegally abusing their powers as a monopoly???)

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