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Mac OS X Getting Mac OS X up and running on a computer without an Apple label has always been a bit of a hassle. You needed customised Mac OS X disks, updates would ruin all your hard work, and there was lots of fiddling with EFI and the likes. Ever since the release of boot-132, this is no longer the case. Read on for how setting up a "Hack"intosh really is as easy as 1, 3, 2.
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good article, but...
by sinnerman on Sat 30th May 2009 23:53 UTC
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While I enjoyed the article and agree with most points presented by Thom, I think, quite frankly, it's stupid to assume that merely placing a sticker on a PC will make it an "Apple labeled" computer. Apple didn't label it, YOU did. Judges do have brains.

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