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KDE While most people focus on Microsoft Office and as being each other's competitors, there's a third player in this market: KOffice. While KOffice is obviously geared towards use on KDE, it's available for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNOME-based distributions as well, making it much more platform-independent than Microsoft's Office suite. Version 2.0.0 was released today, and comes with a whole boatload of improvements.
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smitty posted...

The idea behind the package manager is that no one wants to download all of Qt and kdelibs 50 times to install 50 apps, or to make a simple IM installer be 100MB+ to include all the dependencies.

I have less issues with the requirement for libraries and more of one with the bolting on of a package-manager on a system that doesn't use it. I understand the applications will have library requirements, but since this is KOffice we're talking about here, shouldn't it be much easier to just install the suite of applications KOffice comes with and all dependencies from a single installer? One that I can download all at once in a zip file?

smitty posted...
I don't think Windows development is a priority, really, they're trying to attract more developers who can make it integrate better while the existing ones are mostly focusing on Linux still.

It never seems to be, does it? Yet I first used Firefox,, Frozen Bubbles, ZSNES, VLC, etc etc on Windows, not Linux. Then when I did move to Linux for most of my daily stuff I was pleased to have those applications there for me, that I'd already become accustomed to using on Windows.


PS: Sorry for the time between posts--I was scheduled to go see Star Trek again and I wasn't about to miss it for anything.

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