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KDE While most people focus on Microsoft Office and as being each other's competitors, there's a third player in this market: KOffice. While KOffice is obviously geared towards use on KDE, it's available for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNOME-based distributions as well, making it much more platform-independent than Microsoft's Office suite. Version 2.0.0 was released today, and comes with a whole boatload of improvements.
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bornagainpenguin, I'm pretty sure Windows is not an officially supported platform for KOffice. At best, it's in the alpha/beta stage. So it seems a little odd that you've spent so many posts complaining about how it doesn't have a very good windows installer. I mean, there is a lot of stuff in KOffice2 that's only half finished, so it's a little curious that you've picked that to harp on.

Accept that you're doing something that isn't a focus of the project yet, and live with it. Or better yet, try to fix it if you can.

I don't think anyone here has disagreed with you that the existing system needs to be improved, but your style here is coming off as a big rant rather than a useful suggestion.

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