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Internet & Networking Lots of people who are testing the various Windows 7 builds have already reported that Windows 7 is faster and snappier than Windows Vista, and some even say that it approaches Windows XP. Apparently, web browsers in particular will benefit from running on Windows 7 instead of Windows Vista SP2. BetaNews ran tests of all the major browsers on both Vista SP2 and Windows 7, and concluded that in general, browsers are round and about 12%-18% faster on 7 than on Vista.
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RE[2]: Ahahaha
by EvilPixieMan on Sun 31st May 2009 11:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Ahahaha"
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Well, its a chicken and egg situation. You can't add features and not bog it down.

You know, DRM functionality and anti-malware technologies are not performance enhancements.


Yeah, we've just gotten too used to that because its the Microsoft way. Funny how Ubuntu 9.04 boots in half the time the old one did on my machine, responds in an altogether more snappy way, and yet the changelog isn't just a list of things they removed!. Intel seems to be achieving similar things with Moblin - new features, and snappier performance at the same time - OMG, a paradox.

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