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Hardware, Embedded Systems Back when the whole netbook thing started, Asus was king of the hill with a focus on netbooks with Linux pre-installed. Since they were kind of popular, it didn't take Microsoft long to start working together with Asus to 'port' Windows XP to the Asus line of netbooks, and with that, to other netbooks as well. The result was that Linux netbooks are now harder to find for many people. While Dell committed itself to Linux on netbooks, Asus has decided to just skip the first date and jump right into bed with Microsoft.
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RE: Not a Surprise
by asmoore82 on Mon 1st Jun 2009 06:25 UTC in reply to "Not a Surprise"
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Asus have been making a lot of cool netbooks, including bamboo ones, and Microsoft has identified them as being the OEM to get on board. It's pretty obvious that Microsoft have shared the love and the cash. They can't do it with everyone though.

Given the state of any desktop Linux distribution today, especially with regards to getting software developed, installed and not having the system live as an island (how many 3G dongles can you plug in and get to work?), then it's difficult to to see how Linux based netbooks were going to consolidate the gains they had made. Things are still as far off as ever.

Moblin is coming.
And IT will be pre-installed on many consumer devices.

That is what has Microsoft scared sh!tless - hence this pitiful FUD-site.

It's an instant classic for the pantheon of Microsoft Bullsh!t...

Remember "Get the Facts?" - Ahh, goodtimes.

How about this: apparently, according to Microsoft, purchasing
a Mac Laptop AND a PlayStation 2 must be the only thing that
can make Vista bearable, just look at how happy these folks look:

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