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Legal Even though we make fun of Wikipedia, and even though any serious scientific piece shouldn't cite Wikipedia, fact remains that the community-created and maintained encyclopaedia has turned into an impressive database of knowledge. Even though I don't think you should trust it blindly, it's usually an excellent starting point for information, especially when used in a casual setting. Still, its open nature is also a threat to Wikipedia, this week exemplified by the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee banning Scientology from editing Wikipedia pages.
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Ubuntology sect
by Luca on Mon 1st Jun 2009 10:22 UTC in reply to "Now waiting for Tartu university to be blocked"
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Ubuntology (often also «Ubantologiya», in translation from the Zulu language means «humanity») - the religious and philosophical doctrine, established African cosmonaut Mark Shattlvortom, which declared the withdrawal a new race of man-penguins, as well as raise awareness of involvement in the great mission of introducing Linux. Distributed stories of success followers Ubantologii about favorable results ubantologicheskih practices. According to these stories, Ubuntology can increase intelligence, to get rid of most problems with computers and girls, and to achieve happiness in the use of Ubuntu.
Discs containing the sermons and distribution Ubuntu - free delivery by mail for free.


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