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Original OSNews Interviews We are glad to present an exclusive interview with Plamen Dragozov--Director of Engineering at PopCap's mobile studio in Dublin, Ireland. "OSNews prides itself on (trying to) cover the diversity of operating systems, and so whilst we rarely cover games, we have approached you to discuss not so much the games themselves, as the technical challenges you go through bringing your games to a wide range of platforms". Read More for the full scoop.
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RE[2]: Electronic Arts
by rjamorim on Mon 1st Jun 2009 14:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Electronic Arts"
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I can not believe what I am hearing. When it basically cost nothing for them in effort to port a game and they will earn money because it will extend the userbase - Why dont they? It makes no sense. There has to be a games market on Linux/Mac too even if it is smaller. Right?

Wrong - because it won't cost them "nothing". First, because they would have to test the game on these other OSes as throughly as they test it for Windows. Second, because they would have to provide support for these OSes - which includes training support personnel, etc. If the user base on these OSes turn out to be much smaller than the Windows base, the extra costs won't be justifiable.

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