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Hardware, Embedded Systems Back when the whole netbook thing started, Asus was king of the hill with a focus on netbooks with Linux pre-installed. Since they were kind of popular, it didn't take Microsoft long to start working together with Asus to 'port' Windows XP to the Asus line of netbooks, and with that, to other netbooks as well. The result was that Linux netbooks are now harder to find for many people. While Dell committed itself to Linux on netbooks, Asus has decided to just skip the first date and jump right into bed with Microsoft.
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Some People does know what they want.

I have a friend who bought a hp-mininote and it came preloaded with SUSE. The netbook worked perfectly out of the box, but after a week he told me "i donĀ“t like this, can you put windows on it?"

So i installed windows XP via pen drive,and as someone else already said it was a total nightmare. and after the windows install it required 86458411811451+ drivers.

IMHO the point is that average Joe user does not want invest time to learn a new OS (and therefore a new set of apps) they just want to work with their usual tools.

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