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GNU, GPL, Open Source InfoWorld reports on the fight over open source 'leeches' -- companies that use open source technology but don't give back to the open source community. While some view such organizations as a tragedy of the commons, others view the notion of 'freeloaders' as a relic of open source's Wild West era, when coding was a higher calling and free software a religion.
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I don't get it
by pooo on Mon 1st Jun 2009 18:10 UTC
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So what exactly should they be giving back?? If the software is gpl'ed then any additions or modifications are given back (or they get sued, harassed, etc).

If they are not releasing modifications or additions then what exactly should they be giving back? Are we talking about companies like google who do lots of modifications but don't release them? Should there be a clause in the gpl where we get to audit the code?

Anyway, 99% of Linux *desktop* users have never contributed a damn thing. So why are they not "leachers"?

That people will use the software and contribute nothing is just reality and not even a bad one.

Disclaimer: Of course I did not RTF so I could be totally misunderstanding the situation.

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