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GNU, GPL, Open Source InfoWorld reports on the fight over open source 'leeches' -- companies that use open source technology but don't give back to the open source community. While some view such organizations as a tragedy of the commons, others view the notion of 'freeloaders' as a relic of open source's Wild West era, when coding was a higher calling and free software a religion.
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by pooo on Mon 1st Jun 2009 18:21 UTC
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So I read the article now. And it was basically what I thought. I now have two questions:

1. Is the total number of contributors really decreasing?? Or just proportionally wrt the number of users? If the real number of developers is decreasing that isn't because of *new* end users that don't give back. Sorry. If the total contributors is decreasing there is another explanation.

2. What do you expect? The whole point of FOSS and the GPL in particular is that people that believe in and are part of the community will contribute and you can force some people who don't believe to contribute if they distribute modifications also. But these companies are not believers at all and they aren't distributing modifications. They are part of the ass hole proprietary world the gpl is meant to be an island from. So what makes you think for a second they will pay developers to "contribute"? Here is how these jerk offs brain's work: "Does it increase profit?", "No", "End of conversation". Peer pressure is not going to do jack. A smear campaign that makes their marketing department sweat, now that idea has legs.

Anyway since there is no cost to them using this software, why do you care?? This whole article seems like nothing more than a chronicle of short sighted whiners. One thing that people sometimes forget about the FOSS idea is that it is about *contributing*. Another way of saying that is giving. Giving, giving. Just give to those lame people and maybe it will sink in after a while. Otherwise, let it go.

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