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Google Qualcomm showed off a previously unannounced Eee PC running Android at Computex in Taipei. The machine has a 10-inch screen, built-in webcam, and a universal 3G radio that supports all UMTS and CDMA networks on all frequencies used around the world. The 'smartbook' runs on Qualcomm's Snapdragon, a 1GHz ARM processor core that marks a shift away from Intel Atom x86-based netbooks. A second Android-based netbook -- a prototype by contract hardware maker Compal Electronics -- was also demoed at the show. Google, meanwhile, declined to discuss what steps it is taking to adapt the smartphone OS for laptops.
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Left hand meet right hand
by MrWeeble on Mon 1st Jun 2009 18:52 UTC
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Snapdragon is an ARM chip and thus not x86 compatible. Therefore Windows (the desktop line - I know about and am ignoring CE) will not run on it (unless MS have been doing what Apple did and maintaining versions of Windows for different processors - just in case)

So if Asus/Eee are planning a new completely non-windows ARM based device, what is this all about

A case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?

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