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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's a big day in processor land today, as both Intel and AMD announced several new chips. Both Intel and AMD launched a number of chips targeted at the segment just above netbooks, which are generally slightly larger and a bit more powerful. In addition, AMD launched its six core Istanbul server processor, as well as a new Athlon II X2 dual-core processor, and a new high-end Phenom II X2.
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RE: Real Notebooks
by kosmic on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 16:23 UTC in reply to "Real Notebooks"
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I share the same problem as you.

I've been in the market for a netbook with long batery, small and eficient, I end buying a Apple PowerBook G4 12' 1.5Ghz with 1GB of RAM and 4h30 hours of battery.

The old ones like IBM, Compaq and Apple are a lot better that most of the netbooks they sell today ;)

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