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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks, netbooks, netbooks, netbooks, netbooks. That's basicaly Computex in a nutshell. If you've seen one Atom-based netbook, you've seen them all, but luckily for us, NVIDIA is about to shake the world of netbooks up with a new Tegra chipset, the Tegra 650. Full high definition playback, battery life from outer space, and a processor that is always-on. Well, that's what NVIDIA promises, anyway. Twelve Tegra 650 devices were announced, with the first devices shipping before the end of the year - at USD 199 or less.
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by boldingd on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 20:03 UTC in reply to "CE"
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I wonder how much a Windows CE license is going to be. It can't be costing nVidia much, if they're building the hardware and paying for a Windows CE license, and still selling the things for as little as $199. One hopes the Linux version is going to be at least a little cheaper - unless Microsoft is simply giving away Windows CE licenses.
For that matter, how much of a draw is Windows CE really going to be? Is it close enough to the desktop Windows experience that people will prefer it to system running Linux? I'd like to think that, if they can't get Windows 7, most consumers will pick normal, "desktop OS" Linux over Windows CE, which I at least think of as an OS for high-end cell phones (stupid of me as that probably is).

But that battery life is crazy, that price is low, and if Moblin runs on it decently, I'll get me one a' these.

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