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X11, Window Managers FSM has an article about improvements coming our way in "There's more coming our way than 'mere' graphical goodness: Xorg developers are about to unleash upon us more performance and ease of use than X ever knew before. Not only that, the work being done now will allow older hardware to perform better and new hardware to be supported faster."
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RE: a fun read.
by phoenix on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 22:03 UTC in reply to "a fun read."
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From the unix haters handbook :

I do not have a lot X experience, but i always got the feeling X was far too low level and too network oriented. Almost nobody does the remote display as primary method of running programs.

We had ~40 elementary school labs running networked X systems (thin-client setup).

We've since moved over to a diskless client setup (graphics run locally), but we still use networked X to run the occasional software that won't run on the 800 MHz Via CPUs/OpenChrome GPU.

We also provide NX access to our ~15,000 students, to allow them to login to their Linux accounts from home. This uses the network X features behind the scenes.

We also use the network X features to manage our VMWare servers (ssh to server, run vmware, console appears on your local screen).

Just because Joe Bozo may not use the networking features on his single home Unix computer doesn't mean that enterprise, small businesses, school districts, and such aren't using it.

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