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X11, Window Managers FSM has an article about improvements coming our way in "There's more coming our way than 'mere' graphical goodness: Xorg developers are about to unleash upon us more performance and ease of use than X ever knew before. Not only that, the work being done now will allow older hardware to perform better and new hardware to be supported faster."
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RE[2]: a fun read.
by ggeldenhuys on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 10:27 UTC in reply to "RE: a fun read."
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Just because Joe Bozo may not use the networking features on his single home Unix computer doesn't mean that enterprise, small businesses, school districts, and such aren't using it.

I can't agree more. I'm primarily an application developer. My own system is a 32bit system. I often ssh to our 64bit development server and run our X11 based IDE their which then displays on my local screen. I then do development work as normal. It's as if my own system is a 64bit server. Awesome!

So yes, I use remote features in X11 often!

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