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Games The E3 is underway, and with OSNews having a renewed casual interest in gaming, I figured I'd summarise the news around the big three console players, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Microsoft probably had the most interesting news to give us, Nintendo suffers from a severe case of milking the cow (and who would blame them), and Sony repackaged the PSP, announced a few games, and gave the promise it would come with motion sensing technology at some point in the future too.
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by Ultimatebadass on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 18:59 UTC
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I've watched the trailer for Last Guardian and I must say it looks promising (never got into the SoC though, the low framerate was too annoying). Apart from that, I actualy laughed out loud after reading about the GT for PSP... they haven't quite let that one go yet, did they. How many years of empty promises, DNF, anyone? ;) They should get their damned rear ends in gear and finish GT5 already instead of wasting time on little silly side projects like that.

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