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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks, netbooks, netbooks, netbooks, netbooks. That's basicaly Computex in a nutshell. If you've seen one Atom-based netbook, you've seen them all, but luckily for us, NVIDIA is about to shake the world of netbooks up with a new Tegra chipset, the Tegra 650. Full high definition playback, battery life from outer space, and a processor that is always-on. Well, that's what NVIDIA promises, anyway. Twelve Tegra 650 devices were announced, with the first devices shipping before the end of the year - at USD 199 or less.
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put away those windows
by v_bobok on Thu 4th Jun 2009 02:16 UTC
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Please just not the Windows CE. Don't set it inside new gorgeous Nvidia Tegra devices. Just don't. In one phrase: A PLATFORM OF WIN FILLED BY FAIL-OS.

At least they can use Linux, for fu/user/ sake!

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